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UC Forum Rules

Post  ESKO on Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:56 am

Forum Rules
All Unreal Champions members obey all the four UC forum rules which are listed below:

1. Respect everyone in the forum.
Do not send obusive or racist comments/images to anyone in this forum, any offensive posts found will be deleted and the poster may be banned depending on how offensive the comment/image was.

2. Speak English
English at all times, unless there is a good reason your speaking a different language.

3. Do not spam.
Do not send repeated posts or advertisements, any spam posts found will be deleted and the spammer shall have a warning.

4. Age.
You must be at the age of 13 plus to join this community.

Any of these rules broken shall be given strict warnings or bans, so be careful what you say or do in these forums.

Thanks for reading the rules,
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